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On Blogging

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I know, you are going to ask me "Why Tarun? Of all the times Why are you wanting to blog now? and that too random thoughts and not specific tech posts?". Yes, Though I don't know the exact reason why but a lot of these days whenever I'm randomly thinking about something, a part of me goes "Hmmm, That would be a great blog post" and I've had it enough times that I finally took time to re-understand how to build and publish this site. (Yay! Programmer much?). I do tweet a lot but I want to do more long-form, depth-first stuff. Hence, Blogging seems more correct.

So, Take this with a grain of salt but I'm planning to write more here. Could be random thoughts about hobbies that I'm taking up (Yes, Expect a post about Running) or could be just me ranting about some emotional, tech thing. I'm also planning to break constraints here, and be open about the topics. So, Don't be shocked If I just write about my feelings on Bangalore (P.S: I love it :eyes:) some day.

Bye for now! :)