Tarun Pothulapati
Writes about Infra, Networking and Remote Life.



Doker is a cli tool that provides a docker-cli experience but for a Kubernetes Cluster It allows users to manage Images and Containers on the Kubernetes nodes by running a daemonset which interacts with the docker daemon.

Azure Service Fabric Mesh Controller for kubernetes

A Kubernetes Controller to create and manage your Service Fabric Mesh resources right from the Kubernetes Control Plane. Implemented using CRD’s (Custom Resouce Definations), So as to offload your micro-service workloads to Service Fabric Mesh.

Vardhaman College Chatbot

Developed a chatbot which helps students keep track of their GPA, Attendance, Schedule and keep them with updated college related information. Vardhaman Bot is available on Facebook Messenger, Slack and on a website.

Service Fabric Chatbot

A Chatbot which can manage Nodes, Applications, Services on a Azure Service Fabric Cluster based on user's commands through channels like Cortana, FB Messenger, etc.

TSEP - Telangana State Eamcet Predictor

Developed a Web Application which predicted ranks and colleges for students according to their score in EAMCET (Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test) . The prediction is almost accurate as it is based upon previous years data and analytics.


Dr.Bot is a presonalised healthcare assistant(chatbot) which helps you health related data like Diet, Medicines, etc. It's available on channels like Facebook, Skype, etc. Dr. Bot is just a message away.