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Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

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I call this "SSF" to remember it more frequently. But why do I have to remember it frequently instead of adding it to my list of forgotten quotes? I think this is the thing that I've been missing all my life. If you know me, you'll probably know that I'm always on 1.5x speed. I like to move quickly to the next thing. I eat fast, speak fast (stuttering every now and then), type fast, and try to get things done as quickly as possible. A lot of this is probably because, like many kids in this generation, it's hard to focus continuously with lower attention spans than ever before. (My guess is that we will see the impact of this across many levels in the next 10-20 years.)

While being fast has helped me in many ways to reach where I am, it has been crippling me recently. Great things take time, and they can't be fast-forwarded. They require consistent focus and showing up every day. This does not work well with my 1.5x brain. So, this is me trying to fix that and have a way to be slow consciously. I also have a lot of learning to do in being okay with being slow. I can't stand myself going at a slower speed than I possibly can, but if I don't, the brakes don't seem to work all the time, and it could be fatal.

So, this quote is a way for me to remind myself that going slow isn't inherently bad but pays off well in the long term as you are taking the time to get it right. "getting it right" is just as important as "just getting it" many times.

So, remember "SSF," folks.